Consolidated Pipe Specialty Coatings Division

is located in Dora, Alabama

We specialize in Fusion Bonded Epoxy pipe coating,
various liquid applied specialty pipe coatings
and Synergy Pipeline pipe coatings

Consolidated's ongoing research methods have provided continuous infrormation
on what happens to piping materials once coated and exposed to the elemenst
for a few hours, a few days, or many years. For years this knowledge has
helped us in maintaining corrosion protection checkpoints throughout our
Fusion Bonded Epoxy pipe facilities.

This corrosion inhibiting process in our Fusion Bonded Epoxy Pipe facility
begins with detailed cleaning and surface preparation to eliminate all oxidation
and potential impurities. This procedure produces a bare textured surface
which allows the pipe to accept the epoxy application. Gas fired burners then
heat the pipe to near 500 degrees thus allowing the epoxy powder to liquify and
adhere to the pipe. The epoxy coated pipe is tested for coating thickness and
is electrically tested to expose any holidays which could lead to corrosive attack
of the steel.

Your order is then placed on one or more of our fleet trucks for
immediate delivery.

60 acres of bare pipe stock and accessories, two pipe-coating facilities and a
fleet of over-the-road trucks means our customers enjoy the advantage of dealing with
a FULL SERVICE piping distributor. At Consolidated, one stop does it all.

Call us today and let one of our professionals get to work on your next project.

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